What do you actually want to achieve The second step is: Where can I find my target group We also made a few videos for YouTu. We have found that this channel also gives access to the target group in the B B context. The content can also  spread across multiple platforms. Priority A is the website. Priority B YouTu. And then the video is shar on LinkIn and Facebook. IeI come from the content and look into which formats the content fits. How do you think the influencer marketing industry will develop This will come even more professional. Influencers have to learn that there are agencies. It’s a symbiosis. The influencer is the one who makes the contenthe has his microcosm around him to produce good content. And then there is the agency worldwhich forms the interface and manages the advertising channel for the influencer. 

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Fully book Is it true that online marketing requires over contacts with a customer fore he makes a purchase Does that speak more for a influencers Philippines Phone Number List Along the customer journeyi.e. this customer journey to the decisionyou have to reflect on how many steps there are and how this journey can  accompani. Influencer marketing is a building blocke.g. to have access to a specific target group that I would not otherwise reach. With cooperationsthe question is always whether the influencer is willing to cooperate in the long term. o  harmful for him to hang too tightly on a fire. I try to approach it with community thinking. My target group is the communitywhich I continuously use. If a follower wants to buy something at some point on this customer journeythey have this in mind: I’ve heard that from the influencer several times. I’ll take a closer look at that. How will the influencer marketing strategy develop.

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Will it come part of a company’s marketing strategy It’s more of a platform issue. What happens to the platforms Every influencer. Who has built up a loyal KY Lists community on Facebook. Andin case of doubtis now fac with the challenge that Facebook is curtailing his reachnotices this. forehe simply threw out a post and immiately reach million peoplefor exampleand then trigger an extremely large numr of interactions. If these platforms further restrict this type of usethen it will  exciting again. Then it comes apparent who actually independent of the platform. I’m curious to see how the whole influencer business model will develop. Should you therefore reach your community via a blog on your own website We always advise our customers in this direction: Keep your assets with you.

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