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Less from the information convey. Sporting events or celebrations such as Christmas parties and company parties are typical. The event participants are activat i. H. they overcome their activation threshold and also motivate other participants to become active. The subjective perception is characteriz by positivity and borom routine and negative impressions should be avoid. An event represents a special ideally unrepeatable event i.e. offers the possibility of an on-site experience and thus conveys more authenticity and exclusivity . Events should be specifically tailor to the nes of the select audience and offer a high level of contact . Event marketing – Event Bildungs ​​im Turm This results in important requirements for event marketing.

Something unique The event

Systematic planning and decision-making bas on an adequate situation analysis Self-initiation (especially in contrast to event sponsoring  and emotional Philippines Phone Number List influence on the recipient. For the systematic planning of events decisions must be made at four staging levels which are illustrat in the following figure: Staging stages in the decision-making process of event marketing Figure Stages of staging in the event marketing decision-making process (Bruhn p. The types of events can be categoriz according to different aspects: Occasion-relate.g. anniversaries laying of the foundation stone for a new plant Communication goal-relat Emotional.

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Company and brand reference

Positioning of a brand or knowlge transfer Target.  AudienceInternal or external audiences Typical examples. Of customer-orient event marketing KY Lists are. The organization of streetball tournaments (adidas or realorganization of biker meetings (Harley-Davidsonor extreme sports events (R Bull Flugtage). Event marketing will certainly enjoy in the future. The main arguments and thus the advantages of this communication tool are the high level of dialogue and the good opportunities for differentiation and profiling due to the uniqueness of the event. Since communication at events does not primarily pursue economic communication goals a higher acceptance of the message.

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