Another point that is view very critically is the sale of indulgences with . This is also call emissions trading. Companies have the opportunity to purchase certificates that allow them to emit a certain amount of. . If carbon dioxide is emitt without a certificate this can lead to fines. The total amount of CO emitt is limit for certain groups. The basic idea here is to make less sustainable production as uneconomical as possible for companies and thus promote change. Trade exists at various levels including at EU level at the level of individual US states However there are some points of criticism. Almost a decade ago warnings were rais that the price of the certificates was too cheap. This continues to  criticiz although.

The permissions can  bought at auctions

Prices have risen significantly over the past three years as part of various reforms . What influence does emissions trading have on a company’s green Albania Phone Numbers List marketing It’s not very conducive as the companies using it appear to  buying their way out of ‘debt’ but the emissions still exist. The purchase of the certificates could  seen as an indication that the to real increas sustainability and is not willing to change. Against this background  more difficult if not impossible for the company. Summary and conclusion Green marketing can have a clearly positive effect by acknowlging and serving the issue that is so important to a broad public today. To do this however it is necessary to actually.

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Company attaches little or no importance

Pursue green measures. If the opposite is the case if greenwashing is even carri out then there is a real danger that the effect of the measures will KY Lists revers. They then create negativity leading to a decrease in acceptance. They can also damage a good name in the long term. The approach should therefore not  the main thing is green  but consist exclusively of honest actually effective and realistically communicat measures. Seminar fundamentals of marketing Project phases – Podcast project management  votes Project.

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