Measures climate-neutral shipping reusable packaging). Visible advertising also on the home page. Especially when it comes to measures that can be verifi by certificates. One should always bear in mind how immensely important protection is today for buyers. There has long been a willingness to pay a surcharge for such products and services. The only important thing is that everything is communicat clearly. and Labels Many measures that you can take as an entrepreneur have in common that they usually offer the promotional use of a label a seal of approval and the like as a reward It is always true.

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That you have to comply with mandatory minimum standards but you will have to accept this fact anyway if you don’t want to expose yourself to the accusation of greenwashing as already mention. That means regardless of whether it is the Green Angel Brazil Mobile Number List or the (mandatory) EC organic label all of this should be clearly visible on the home  respective product. You should also check to what extent you can also have your company verifiably certifi. There are also many offers here. For example certification according to ISO which is carri out by TÜV is widely accept. Offer or participate in challenges and campaigns It has long been part of the.

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Typical Internet culture that there are always actions. There are not always lofty goals behind it; often enough it is just simple slapstick  to pay any KY Lists attention to. However if you take standards such as the so-call Ice Bucket Challenge which aim to draw attention to the nervous disease ALS it becomes clear that there is enormous potential for an improv image. In concrete terms large and small challenges keep popping up on environmental issues on the Internet. Participating in them should be a must – just as naturally as.

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