Keywords can identifi relatively quickly and efforts can focus on them. Controlling works even tter for keyword ads.  every placement in the advertising network can trac exactly in terms of monetary use and the result. These points make it clear how important search engines are still for companies of all kinds. Good results rankings and well-craft ad campaigns are fundamental to online marketing strategy and should not sacrific in favor of social mia. cause successful online marketing consists of a mix of different instruments. Social mia is undoubtly one of them – but not instead of but in addition to other instruments.

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Which search engines are there Three search engines have establish themselves on the German market. On the one hand Google as the clear market Cyprus Phone Number List leader which is why the further explanations mainly refer to Google and on the other hand Yahoo and Bing. l of the most common search engines: Google Bing Yahoo T-Online ask AOL Yandex Google Google is currently defending its position as market leader . The company was found in by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and is headquarter in the USA . The first of ten company principles is: The user comes first everything else follows of its own accord. In fact Google is present in countries worldwide. In August Google went public. Its market power gives the company high influence.

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Originally the name of the search engine was BackRub. Google derives from the mathematical expression  zeros and stands for the structuring KY Lists of an infinite amount of data . Google – search engine optimization Google Bing As one of the younger search engines Bing was develop by Microsoft . Initially only the ta version was available from to . In the design was moderniz and social networks were more closely integrat with an additional search bar providing information from social networks. You can also log in using a Microsoft account . Bing – Search Engine Optimization Bing Yahoo Yahoo has establish itself as the first search.

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