Content is doing particularly well – you can flexibly adjust the period and for example also display data from the last months. In addition you have filter functions to choose from with which you can segment the stor data for example to find out about mobile visits to your website the location of the user or the numr of hits. In addition this tool shows you how high or low the click-through rate CTR is and how the individual keywords rank. Particularly useful for continuous monitoring and regular analysisthe statistics can download and sav. You should take advantage of this option as you only have access to the last days in the Search Console. linking structure.

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Internal and external links play a major role in optimizing your own website and should not ignor if you want to improve your visibility on the Malta Phone Number List Internet. The more high-quality backlinks there are to a URL the higher it is usually rat by Google. with detail information about the linking structure of your website.  up to popular domains that link to your website including the link target your link content and anchor text clickable text of the respective link. The anchor texts should as short and concise as possible so that search engines and users can understand at a glance what content they can expect on your website. Make sure that as many topic-relevant pages as possible appear here which not only have a positive.

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Influence on rankings but also ensure high-quality traffic on your website. An analysis of the internal links on your website is also worthwhile!-pages KY Lists in terms of search volume and conversions should have the most internal links. If this is not the case you can see at a glance where improvements should made. indexing status Webmaster Tools can us to see which pages have en index by Google and which pages have not. The indexing status shows you exactly how the respective URL was index. As a webmaster you can see directly whether there are subpages whose status you ne to adjust. sure to check.

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