Account and should avoid The evaluation of one’s own company is obviously inadmissible. But paid positive or negative reviews also fall into this category. Also undesirable are the negative reviews of a competitor or a current or former . Illegal content is of course inadmissible With this policy Google excludes any content in reviews that violates any law. This includes both civil law and criminal law provisions. Statements under criminal law for example in a political context or insults the advertising of illegal services.

Employee of the reviewing company

Or the use of copyright works regularly allow deletion. Sexual depictions are not allow Sexual innuendos are not permitt. Reviews with fake or stolen Kenya Phone Number List identity Google interprets the use of a fake identity as identity theft just like the actual use of a stolen identity.  of the evaluation if the suggestion is correct . Reviews with personally identifiable information and confidential information Data protection requirements or confidentiality obligations also affect the content of Google reviews. Users are therefore instruct not to publish any personal dataArticle GDPR either in text or image form. Other confidential information that is exchang.

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Both should lead to the deletion

As part of a business relationship and is subject to contractual secrecy may not publish either. What is the motivation hind an inadmissible negative KY Lists Google rating There are many reasons for a negative rating. If it is not a justifi negativeor economic interests . -damaging motivation of competitors: If competitors feel threaten they may inclin to have unfairly. The simple possibility of creating new Google profiles makes this form of reputation damage particularly easy. Disgruntl employee: If an employee does not receive a promotion or feels disadvantag for other reasons they could express their anger with a negative Google rating. Toxic prospects or customers: Customers or prospects often leave negative reviews for unjustifi reasons such as not ing able to accept as a customer.

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