Websites of small and mium-siz companies. The complete study results are available for free download hereOnline Marketing Study Hochschule Offenburg. Online Marketing Trends can found here Study on online. Marketing of hotel brands in Germany by DISCAVO The hotel. Search engine DISCAVO ask the largest hotel chains in marketing activities (SEO SEA social mia). The study results show that many German hotel brands are only poorly position with regard to online marketing and therefore do not use many potentials. According to.

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Fri Head of Online Marketing at DISCAVO very few hotel chains use a cross-channel online marketing strategy. You can access the detail study results hereDISCAVO online marketing study . Study How do customers conduct searches on Miative As part of Ivory Coast Phone Number List the eye tracking study by the marketing and market research company Miative the eye and vision havior of people was examin more closely. The study examines the havior of consumers with mobile devices by tracking the test subjects’ eye movements on the screen during a Google query and the individual clicks. The results of the study show that the test subjects ne an average.

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Of seconds longer on mobile devices fore they make the first click. The study cites the fact that the knowlge graph from ge of the screen in the mobile KY Lists view as is the case with the desktop version but above the search results. Even when using mobile devices the first search result remains the most important. You can download the full study results hereMiative Eye-Tracking Study . Digital Consumer by Citellic Consulting Group and Defacto Digital Research In the study by the Citellic Consulting Group and Defacto Digital Research customers in Germany were survey as part of an online questionnaire on the topics of online advertising mobile advertising and omnichannel. The study results show that customers are rather critical of.

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