Determines the growth of your business. For this reason the customer is also the focus of the flywheel  which replaces the classic sales funnel and recognizes the central function of customer experience management as part of the process. Here you can find out what is hind the circular model and why you should replace the funnel with it.  flywheel Flywheel means translat flywheel and has its origin in mechanics. The flywheel also known as the flywheel stores electrical energy as kinetic energy. The machine element thus acts as a kinetic energy store and thus overcomes so-call dead centers. Due to the efficient energy storage even.

Definition Flywheel – the marketing

A small momentum gets the bike running for a while – each additional energy supply increases its spe. The term flywheel is now also increasingly ing us in Israel Phone Number List marketing. The flywheel represents a dynamic cycle model.  principle and descris a model that develops its own momentum through the constant supply of energy and leads to long-term corporate success. Transferr to the corporate context this means that the energy comes from the customer experience. Various measures to increase customer satisfaction give the bike a new impetus. This is how you keep the flywheel turning and roll straight towards your entrepreneurial success. The flywheel effect was first mention by Professor Jim Collins in his first considerations.

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The flywheel adopts the original

Explain in more detail in a work and discuss the effect with Amazon’s Jeff zos. The Amazon founder built on these thoughts and sketch his first flywheel on a KY Lists napkin . This first flywheel can still  found on the Amazon landing page today and is consider a principle of Amazon corporate culture and customer orientation . The most widely us circular model by businesses dates back to HubSpot’s Brian Halligan who further adapt the flywheel . However the principle remains the same the flywheel develops its own momentum. The momentum is maintain by positive.

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