As a suggestion for your online marketing measures. Online Marketing Study Digital Commerce Research Network study. By ibi research  Trade in Transitionstudy clarifies the effects of the Internet on the purchasing havior of customers. Just over half ( %) of those survey shop online. Only three percent of the people survey stat that they did not purchase any products over the Internet. In addition almost a quarter of those survey shop online twice a week with the preference for online shopping growing as the numr of people living in the household increases. More key factsQuality seals vouchers and low prices influence.

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The purchase decision and are crucial for customer acquisition an average of % send the product back. The main reason is an unsuitable is channel Iceland Phone Number List independent. The customer wants a smooth customer experience within the purchasing process A summary of the study can found hereibi research. ⇒ Online Marketing Studies Global Digital Report The Global Digital Report presents the current situation in the areas of internet mobile social & Co and comes to the conclusion that the digital world continues to grow at a rapid pace.

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Some facts from the study% of the world’s population has access to the Internet ( . billion Internet users). % of the global population are mobile users. There KY Lists are . billion social mia users ( % of the world population). % of mia platforms at least once a month. The general use of social mia in Germany is distribut somewhat differently than in an international comparison. First up is YouTu us by % follow by Facebook ( %) and WhatsApp ( %). Tumblr comes last. Facebook is us at least once a month in Germany by million users i.e. around % of the population. Of these % use Facebook daily and % mobile. You can read all the results hereGlobal Digital Report Digital Trends by Econsultancy and Ado As part of the Digital Trends study Econsultancy.

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