Target group. According to Zalando Mia Solutions Managing Director Andreas Antrup the combination of their own user data and information from Facebook brands will help to plan test and improve the product lifecycle in a more measure success. The real target group can never be fully assign to a zType but is made up of several aspects of the zTypes. Zalando wants to sell the data-bas personas to car fashion lifestyle cosmetics and perfume brands. The first zTypes bas campaignis already plann: The fashion brand G-Star Raw will test the first digital campaign for its new jeans G-Star Shape. A mixture of preppy strivers modern mains.

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Happy casuals should be address. . Persona – Follow-up after developing Persona The development of personas should always only if you stop here Greece Phone Number List you have clearly miss the goal. Therefore some follow-up actions should follow after developing Persona . . Visualization and documentation A detail report on persona must be creat.a management version of the target group representative and reports tailor to specific locations must follow. . Presentation of the persona The presentation is best done with life-size stands in the company. In addition picture folders should be creat for the desks.

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Of all employees In addition displays of persona posters can represent a follow-up action. . Development of a screening algorithm In this step the target KY Lists group representative is always enrich with additional data. In this way the image of the persona is always up-to-date. . Link target group representatives to the company Persona must be link to as many activities in the company as possible in order to achieve high effectiveness. . Workshops The last step is workshops with marketing and product development. Here the personas are then assign names. In addition there is a joint identification of the fields of application and there are employee.

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