Products and services or as a consumer – you should know your market. In this contexta market survey is understood as the general gathering of market-relat information. Why Market Research From the consumer’s point of viewthe sense of a market survey is immiately apparent . If you want to buy a projector for your home cinemayou will most likely go to Google first. They want to know which projectors are availablefrom which manufacturerswith which product features and at what price. May you don’t want to order the device directly on the Internetbut want to view and test it first. To do thisyou must research dealer addresses in your living area.

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If possible It comes clear: You ne and obtain information in order to  able to make your purchase decision in the end . Designing business models –  seminar Nepal Phone Number List Designing Business Models – Business Model Canvas you will learn methods and techniques to develop innovative business models and to optimize your existing business models. Find out about the dates and exact content: Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorryfully book. Market research as the basis for your business decisions As a provider of products and servicesyou are fac with a much more complex task. Since you live from your business you.

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Have to weigh up opportunities and risks You plan how much sales and how much revenue you can achieve with your offer. Their business model is bas KY Lists on these assumptions . You quantify and qualify this in your business plan basis for any financing through outside capital. You also ne information if you want to make decisions about the productprice distribution and communication.  strategy you cannot do that without knowing your own market position. In short: the results of yourMarket research should provide you with the most valid possible basis for your business decisions. A market survey and the analysis of your market environment are the knowlge base for your strategic business planning. With the help of a market survey you can identify opportunities and risks for your.

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