Have  What is important to the person – What wishes does the person have – What nes does the person have – What problems does the person have – What does the person benefit from – What is the person’s environment and everyday life like  are three different approaches to creating personas: – Qualitative personas – Quantitative personas with quantitative validation – (real) quantitative personas Digital Brand Manager DIM . Persona – Five steps to successfully creating personas Before you can start creating a persona the question of the goal must first be clarifi. What benefit should the persona to be identifi bring to.

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The company Considering these and other questions are important as this is the only way to start creating personas. on the respective project Egypt Phone Number List and the associat objectives. Persona example Step : Collect and evaluate quantitative demographic data In the first step the demographic characteristics of the potential personas are Quantitatively survey.  is important that the data is as detail and comprehensive as possible so that the result also depicts differentiat and specific personas. The collect quantitative data is summariz into the following demographic data categories age – gender.

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Ucation place of residence – social status – income – etc. Step : Collect and evaluate qualitative data in interviews Once the demographic data has been KY Lists collect qualitative data is collect in a second step. Since emotions and values ​​have a significant influence on people’s decisions these affective components should also be analyz in more detail in order to determine the personas holistically. However this data cannot be collect quantitatively but must be collect through qualitative surveys. The important characteristics that are collect through qualitative data include: – values ​​+ morals – fears + desires – motivation + nes – problems + dislikes These characteristics can then depending on their importance.

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