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Last but not leastthe consequences of the ordinance can be observ on a small scale Many small companies stopp their newsletters on the due date as a precaution or even went offline with the entire homepage. Above all data  also complain that the amount of advice given in connection with the GDPR is very high – higher than the number of complaints. So there is still a great deal to be done in many respectsfor example with regard to implementation in common CRM systems. GDPR and customer data What can still be.

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Stor what must be delet The idea behind the GDPR is absolutely honorable Uniform data protection applies in all member states of the to protect Netherlands Phone Numbers List the privacy of EU citizens not only on the Internet and protect their personal data from misuse. Users should be inform accordingly about what data is collect about them – and be able to decide for themselves what happens to it. Thereforeevery customer also has a right to informationwith the help of which he should be able to find out at any time what data is stor about him.

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In additione very consumer has a right to be forgotten . This means In princi pleevery user. Can have their data delet if they. Are no longer requir eg for KY Lists the ful fill. Ment of a contract or are no longer legally necessary. Not yet paid an invoice you can continue to save the. Data requir for this. What happens in the event of a violation. Of the GDPR The EU regulation presents. Website operators with completely new challenges. Small and mium-siz companies in particular are. Unsure whether their data protection management still meets the legal requirements. The fear of a warning is omnipresentafter allthere. Are always dubious stories about resourceful lawyers who are said to have specializ in violations of the GDPR . This is fatal not least because companies can be fin up to four.

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