With a small numr of participants Of course you can also differentiate tween check-in / check-up meetings project status meetings management meetings and strategy meetings. No matter what terminology you use just make it clear to all kind of meeting it is. Meeting Tip Add an agenda to the meeting invitation An agenda allows people to prepare for the meeting instead of engaging in the topic at the meeting. Most people prefer a clear structure in meetings. Of course the TIME-BOX i.e. the duration of the meeting should.

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Also clear We find this structure mapping very helpful. Equip all meeting rooms with it. Then it’s easier team PSThanks to the . Meeting tip Take notes Venezuela Phone Number List together Having everyone take their own notes can create confusion as each participant may hear different things and think they are important. Instead take notes together. collaboration solutions such as Nureva SPAN Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Tasks in the various meeting situations. In this way we ensure that everyone in the meeting sees what is ing not and everyone receives a (digital-bas) protocol directly. With that are information.

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Decisions and  Tasks transparent for everyone. For recurring meetings (e.g. Daily SCRUM Meeting ) we use the same document. So you can always access KY Lists the meeting information of the past. The newest content is always plac at the ginning of the document. A little tipthe role of writing the minutes is often delegat to women. This is a no go Rotate the recorder role. Taking notes should a shar responsibility. Meeting tip Start and end on time (timeboxing) There are countless reasons why meetings start late but it’s far too common. Late meetings in the early hours of the morning can create a cascading effect that affects everyone’s schule for the rest of the day. Respect your colleagues by starting.

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