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Putting brand architecture into practice – seminar on brand management Learn what makes successful brands and how to better position and manage your brand. Find out more about the content of our brand management seminar Mon / / Social Mia Marketing (SMM)in CologneInform now Tuesday . . Social Mia Marketing (SMM)in Cologne or online available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Option of a brand architecture recommendation brands Recommendation brands also create a reference to the corporate brand (umbrella brand) but not by naming the umbrella brand but by creating a special reference to the overall brand.

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Is a good example of such a brand architecture All McDonald’s products have their own brand name. The reference is always clearly given by the abbreviation Mc or Mac (McRib McSundae BigMac etc.). This strategy is well suit to use the individual associations of an umbrella brand but to establish strong  brand positioning. Option a brand architecture house of Bahrain Phone Number List the brand A house of brands is always present when different product brands are position heterogeneously and have their own brand names so that there are no direct associations between the products and brands. Only mia-support covert recommendations for.

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Product brands with their own

The corporate brand occasionally appear. Two very prominent examples of this. Are the companies Unilever and Procter & Gamble. In the food KY Lists cleaning and cleaning products as well as hygiene and cosmetics sectors in its portfolio. Since these three product categories are very heterogeneous it makes no sense to operate with a strong umbrella brand. Most products are sold under independent brands with their own positioning; an image brand transfer between the different product brands is not desir. Each individual product brand should create unique associations or would like to avoid capitalization effects and sales conflicts. For example many people are not aware that the Ax brand comes from the same company as the Coral.

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