Also merges cleanly you have to invest a lot. However you then have a systematically structur process that can also scal cleanly. Key questions for modeling a lead process Key questions lead process Summary classification of lead nurturing lead nurturing is classifi after lead generation . However the process does not end after the lead nurturing phase. This is follow by the evaluation of the leads lead scoring the transfer of the lead to sales lead routing and the control of the entire process lead controlling. In short lead nurturing is the qualification of a lead from Marketing Qualifi LeadMQL to Sales Accept Lead SAL and Sales.

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An is therefore a lead that is in contact with marketing and should convert to the SAL. A Marketing Qualifi LeadMQL has already express an Shandong Mobile Phone Number List interest in your product and is therefore available for marketing. If this interest persists the lead is pass on to sales by the marketing department and thus convert to a Sales Accept LeadSAL .  interest that it is already in the purchase decision phase. Typical tools for developing lead processes and processing leads Visualization tools are usually us to generate lead management processes . These create clarity and structure the complex lead process.

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Microsoft Visio for example is very common. There are many other special tools and process software. Almost every classic CRM tool is gear towards KY Lists processing leads. As a rule processes and structures that support lead nurturing can mapp there.  is a cloud-bas tool for processing leads bas on the well-known Kanban Boards . The DIM as your partner in lead nurturing Lead nurturing is therefore a complex topic and therefore requires good structuring and planning security. We offer seminars and further training courses on the subject of lead generation nurturing and lead management as an overall process. We accompany and coach.

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