Were discuss a lot and often and why Which factors should be present in order to definitely lead the strategy to the defin success or to achieve the goals of the start-up As soon as the critical success factors have been work out they should be specifically nam in a meeting and discuss further. For example if the start-up s sales people have an important role in executing the communication strategy that department nes to be aware of their role. Even a lack of awareness due to imprecise internal communication can be a stumbling block The same applies to budget.

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Cuts which can sometimes jeopardize the entire strategy if the problem is not address in good time. . Evaluate the communication strategy and  events Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List to date and above all the communication measures carri out are evaluat. Already in the definition of the goals their measurability was striv for at the beginning. At this point it shouldn’t be too much effort to define the evaluation instruments. The evaluation can take place in many different ways.be analyz. Of course it is difficult to find fix irrefutable indicators in PR. Because classic PR works indirectly and is so.

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Difficult to measure. But at least the quantity and quality of the reporting can be evaluat. Online hits etc. can be analyz more precisely with web analysis KY Lists tools and internal and external surveys or even a complete reputation analysis provide more detail information and insights into past successes. Three aspects should be mention here that start-ups should consider when selecting evaluation tools: The evaluation must always be in a healthy relationship to the budget and time commitment. It is the clear aim of the evaluation to draw conclusions about possible improvements. The evaluation should take quantitative as well as qualitative.

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