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The importance of processing customers of current competitors and the activation of so-call lost clientsi.e. former customers or winning back customers that have been lostnaturally also increases. product innovation Product or service innovations are a very good opportunity to trigger further growth. Unfortunatelymany companies make the mistake of waiting for the ultimate innovation. As a rulehealthy and sustainable growth is achiev through a large number of innovationswhich are often bas on a rather small leap in innovation. This means that the continuous further developmentmodification and variation of products and other services lead to a positive increase in performancewhich the market generally responds to.

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Positively The growth opportunities of product innovation are greater than those of sales activationbut unfortunately so are the riskssince degree of List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu uncertainty. An important topic in product management . Growth strategies # New customer segments If you want to build on the existing product range and continue to growthen addressing new customer segments is recommend. On the one handthis includes   only offer your services in Germanybut also in Eastern Europe or the Middle East. The target addressing of customer segments that have a different direction of.

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Use can also be very useful. A car dealer for exam plecan address private customers as well as target companies in order to sell their vehicles there. The KY Lists impetus for this growth strategy is very often random but if it is implement strategicallyit can also contain very good growth opportunities. However since these customer segments may have different expectations of the product and its suppliers Growth Strategies # New Business Ideas A fourth major growth areaarises from the fact that one sees one’s own business opportunities with open eyes and identifies business areas beyond the standard business. Almost all corporations and large mium-siz companies have their own departments that consider cooperation requests business plans and alternative investments For example you can see.

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