The cinema The following example shows which touchpoints a customer journey can consist of in practice A potential moviegoer hears from a friend that there is a new movie theater in town . He has also read about it on social networks and in the newspaper . One day when he happens to walk past this cinema he sees the poster for an interesting film in the shop window . The customer then researches the cinemas in which the film is showing on theĀ  . After deciding on one of them he reserves the ticket online or by telephone . The customer then receives a confirmation by email . fore he sets off he contacts customer service by phone or online with a question about parking at the cinema . A few minutes later he arrives at the.

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Cinema parking lot and enters the entrance area . There our visitor collects his ticket from the cash register and buys a bag of popcorn at the counter Venezuela Phone Number List next to it . A cinema employee checks the ticket in front of the cinema auditorium. gin . visit the cinemaAfter the end of the film the customer’s journey continues. He sits down in the cinema bar and analyzes the film with his companions. Finally he leaves the building and takes the program booklet with him . could also broken down into even smaller individual steps. The more detail the touchpoints are defin the more complex but also more revealing the subsequent customer journey map will . cause every single point.

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Contact influences customer satisfaction and contributes to the final customer experience . It is therefore extremely important to design the individual KY Lists steps in such a way that the customer perceives them as positively as possible. If this is not the case measures must develop to optimize the individual touchpoints e.g. a clear and search engine-optimiz website friendly service staff sufficient parking spaces a nice ambience in the cinema foyer excellent Sound and picture quality as well as inviting additional offers . In our Digital Brand Manager.

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