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Search engines do not claim to search the entire Internet. They are limit to a specific topic or specific websites.  is fluid. Examples of special search engines are Yandex Baido or Yandex is particularly good at using the Cyrillic alphabet and returns more qualifi results than Google in Russia. Consequently Yandex’s market share in Russia is over . Yandex achiev a market share of . in Germany in which represents an increase from the previous . in . Baidu Baidu is the Chinese equivalent of Yan dex Almost of all Chinese.

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Searches are made via Baidu. It must be said that the Chinese government want to impose rules on Google to censor search results. After Google Algeria Phone Number List refus the search engine withdrew from the China business in . Google’s market share in China is . is a German special search engine that only displays child-friendly search results.  around websites. As a niche provider’s market share in Germany is < . . The top search engines in Germany As in most countries around the world Google dominates the German search engine market at will. Just the fact that the word googling (synonymous for researching on the internet.

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Was includ in the dictionary in illustrates the. Importance of the US company in the top search. Engine rankings and for the entire World Wide Web KY Lists in general. As can be seen in the graph Google’s market share in was an incrible Bing still has . and Yahoo ful fill just under of German search queries. All of the hardly relevant in terms of their importance for the German search engine market.Top search engines Compar to this dominance of Google has even increas a little. Four years ago Google still had a market share of . while Yahoo and T-Online had not yet disappear into today’s insignificance.

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