Digitization and the Internet bring numerous advantages to consumers: they can compare products and services better but they can also weigh up providers and prices among themselves . In addition the consumer has the anything on the Internet and thanks to globalization also worldwide. These aspects naturally offer customers many opportunities and advantages but they also create numerous new challenges for providers. Building the customer relationship Precisely for these reasons the establishment and expansion of customer relationships is indispensable for the majority of companies. However this is not a short-term.

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Project but a long-term process. The customer relationship process can be divid into three phases: Contact and initial purchase post-purchase phase Ivory Coast Phone Number List repurchase phase . contact has been made with the potential customer they must be guid to make a purchase. The conversation between customer and seller plays a decisive role here. build a basis of trust because the customer should of course believe that the product present or the service offer is the right one for him. Marketing tools also help to persuade the customer to make the first purchase. These include for example special discount.

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Campaigns or goodies A company can get into the mindset of customers with special or useful promotional gifts and be taken into account for KY Lists the next purchase. In order to be able to use marketing strategies effectively it is first important to know your customers. A careful target group analysis is us for this purpose . . Post-purchase phase Only a satisfi customer buys a product and recommends it to others. At this stage the customer may still have doubts that ne to be resolv. Because only then does the first buyer develop into a repeat buyer. Here it is important to communicate with the customer in order to understand their nes and doubts and to be able to react accordingly. shopping bags.

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