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Customer various factors play an important role in the design of the folding box above all shape and design. The product name and company  so that the customer can see at a glance not only what is hidden in the packaging but also which company it comes from. Color and font also play an important rField service management – ​​With these measures it works / – votesfield service control Do we ne that Are we not capping the freom of distribution No Laissez-faire is completely out of place in field service management.  as good as the structure and the opportunities to activate the potential of the individual.

Logo should be prominently display

Sales employee and direct it towards the company’s goals. One of the major trends in the age of digitization is the breaking down of silos in Croatia Phone Number List companies. It is important to synchronize marketing and sales activities along a homogeneous customer journey . Accordingly marketing and sales managers face new challenges in field service management . field service control The following instruments have become establish for  definition of basic tasks job description. Clear definition of which customers are to be visit how often and which.

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Are not to be visit or not so often. Development of an information system from the sales statistics ie a constantly updat customer file as a guide. Realistic KY Lists sales planning (rough and detail planning product groupsie no unrealistic demands should be plac on the sales force. Detail planning of sales costs. Use of the information system for field service control. Use of a tailor-made route planning. Concrete definition of the work program (systematic acquisition of new customers; planning and implementation of sales campaigns). Regular management talks for field service management. Use of a clear and fair remuneration system for field service management. Which tools do you.

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