To as She Commerce Female Commerce or Marketing to Women. A corresponding approach for men is not defin. Gender marketing differs from so-call LGBT marketing (LGBT = Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender). While both branches of marketing overlap LGBT marketing prates gender marketing. Gender marketing is therefore and women. Role models in gender marketing As already explain gender marketing is bas on the idea that the consumer behavior of women and men differs to such an extent that gender-specific marketing makes sense. The perception of female and male role models is elementary.

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This is certainly to be seen in the social context. An exploratory anonymous survey of subjects on the questions What is male and What is female USA Phone Number List to the following statement matrix: what is male Gender Marketing:  Marketing: What is  are often associat with clichés. However they always offer a first approach to discussing gender-specific strategies in marketing. Characteristics of gender marketing Unfortunately the term gender marketing is also associat with prejudices. Too often products for female consumers have been and are being develop by men. And then mostly according to the pink.

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What is Male what is female Gender

It and shrink it principle make it small and make it pink. Pink smartphones Ladies Night in hardware stores or surprise eggs in pink and decorat with KY Lists glitter are intend to specifically appeal to girls and women. Gender marketing – women’s products Another relatively new effect is that women pay more for the same or a similar product. In so-call gender pricing companies sell products for women more expensively than for men. It works Yes! Because women are more willing to spend money on their appearance than men. And companies take advantage of that. The price difference isn’t even noticeable: Drugstores often have separate women’s and men’s corners. That means: Products for men are on one shelf.

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