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Sent with legal effect. Framework conditions that illustrate the challenges fac by public administration. What do solutions look like that are practical – and also do justice to usability government website Source: fotolia; R PIXELS Authorities In order to make authorities fit for digitization one thing is ne – easily accessible websites that citizens can use without barriers. And every website must be easy to maintain for government employees. On the other hand the focus is on public institutions when it comes to observing the framework conditions for data protection and data security. These requirements are a real challenge for.

Technical Aspects of Digital

The technical implementation. A common intersection between all user groups can be found in terms of accessibility alone: digital natives who uses the Internet every day will quickly find information and the relevant pages from the authorities. Best agers Morocco Phone Number List who have avoid it until now will have a lot more trouble with it.  technical scalability are essential Technically a website must also have a certain scalability. Simple example: Tax returns are now fil electronically. At the end of July in particular when the deadline for submitting income tax returns is approaching the number of hits increases.

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Completely different level which primarily has to do with the products and services offer. They are often much more complex than products  up in such a way that this increase in access can KY Lists be smoothly absorb. Therefore in this context we always talk about high availability which is explain in more detail in this glossary together with other important terms of digital administration. The smooth operation of a government website is not only important because of the importance of many issues. Everything that is communicat to citizens about notifications is subject to deadlines. If a website does not work properly but only.

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