In Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. . Persona –  like Example : Young Fashion Persona for a fashion company Imagine the German schoolgirl Bibi ( years old). She still lives with her parents and is interest in the latest fashion. For them the brand the appearance of the fashion and the price play a particularly important role. Bibi is generally price-conscious but not when an item is particularly modern and popular so that in such a situation she often resorts to.

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The financial support of her parents. If she has to buy trendy brands and fashion with her own money then cheap but still good-looking fashion is Georgia Phone Number List important to her. social circles and believes that this wish can be fulfill by wearing trendy brand fashion. She is influenc by trends and current influencers. Bibi wants to attract attention with her her friends for advice before making the final purchase decision. Social mia such as Instagram and YouTube on which influencers present trendy fashion are also sources of information. The release of new brand models or discount campaigns also represent a purchase.

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Trigger for Grey s Anatomy oder Gossip Girl und liest den Postillion. Cultur Elite The male representative of the cultur elite wants to look KY Lists as professional as possible. He combines normal clothing in such a way that it looks as sophisticat and successful as possible. He reads the Süddeutsche Zeitung listens to Jonny Cash and likes to watch House of Cards. He most likely drives a Merces Benz and is a Helge Schneider fan. The first campaign bas on zTypes is already plann The data-bas analysis is intend to reveal the complete life cycle of the customer to Zalando’s advertising partners. Knowlge of preferences in the areas of music mia etc.

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