Old town with impressive architecture. In addition to tapas the content ar naturally recommends eating paella here cause the world-famous Spanish dish has its origins here. If you are just as interest in culture as our Contenbär  and the Valencian Cathral. The market halls of Mercat Central invite you to stroll and feast. Italy lla Italy! – A country that in addition to pizza pasta and gelato has both mountains and a wonderful Miterranean coast. Those who like to combine water and mountains and of course the Italian ones will probably feel right at home on Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda. The Italian cities also offer a lot of variety.

You can visit numerous museums

If you travel to Pisa you have to stop at the Leaning Tower if only for a photo marvel at the Colosseum of the ancient Romans in Rome and follow in the South Korea Phone Numbers List footsteps of Shakespeare in Verona and marvel at the  .   immiately gets wanderlust! The content ar and his everyday work o’clock in the morning and the alarm clock rings. The content ar stretches and jumps out of b. He’s actually more nocturnal but he looks forward to work so he doesn’t mind getting up early! Whistling he gets ready for the day and rushes to the coffee machine. With a delicious coffee at the table there is once a honey.

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With the stories the content ar

Bread Well actually there is honey with a bit of bread well sometimes the bread is left out and he just spoons the honey. But he’s a ar – alit a content KY Lists ar – and all the work just makes you hungry. Speaking of work! The content ar straightens his bow tie and dashes to the office. Once there he greets all colleagues with a cheerful Heeeellooo people!. He sits down at his desk starts up the PC and first checks his e-mails and looks at the plan for what is due today. After that it’s time to check his website and social mia channels and reply to all his fans. The meeting to plan the day with his team from milaTEC always takes place in the morning. All tasks and to-dos of the day.

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