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Presentation relationship level and at each level it has a different meaning. At the factual levelthe sentence simply means that the project manager wants his employee to do the presentation. On the relationship levelon the other handthe sentence could mean that the project manager is too lazy to prepare the presentation himself; the reward by the assign task; the project manager has the failure of the employee in mind. At the relationship levelthe relationship between the project manager and the employee.

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Plays an important role. The worse the relationshipthe more negative the message that gets through to the employee. This example shows that in project managementin addition to a high level of technical competencepronounc social competence is Romania Phone Number List keep the dynamics between the technical level and the relationship level in good balance. In order for this to trainers recommend promoting the following skills in project management employees in particular to follow rules of conduct and communication ; willingness to clarify one’s own role in the team; distinguish between factual and relational levels; to consider personal backgrounds; ability to get feback; to ask questions and keep an open mind when necessary to listen.

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