Extension Facebook is pushing its own business model and will significantly further develop its importance and corporate value! This shows: Facebook is far from dead! – Prof. MD German Institute for Marketing Service via Facebook of messengers it is possible to offer direct customer service via messenger WhatsApp or Instagram. Advice on queries or problems with the purchase will then no longer a problem since this will all work via the integrat platform. Facebook shops and the connection to merchandise management Facebook is also said to in contact with the various e-commerce platforms presumably to.

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Provide a connector and a simple interface. Small retailers are currently ing address presumably cause there is more of a desire to uploadĀ  using the Germany Phone Number List manual method. Of course for efficient and sustainable use there should the option of linking your own merchandise management system with Facebook shops . Payment system will probably continue to push their own payment system Facebook Pay. Facebook Pay can currently only us in a few countries in South America and Asia. The advantage is obvious: Products can offer advertis and then also paid for using your own apps. Facebook Shops thus offer a simple interface for setting up your own shop including check-out and billing functions.

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Individual products to Facebook

The question of how this new function will receiv remains exciting. We will keep you inform about it. Facebook Marketing Seminar Would you KY Lists like to use Facebook to increase your awareness and inspire customers Learn in the Facebook Marketing Seminar how to use the social mia platform effectively for your company. Find out about the content and dates: Customer-orient havior – the most important rules vote customer-centric.

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