Over the years can also lose support through greenwashing . This applies above all when it is provide any relevant certifications. The company is just as veil when it comes to child labor. According to the company, regular checks should   with working conditions. However, a study accus the fashion chain of child labor. Furthermore, the group could  proven that it burns tons of new clothing. However, the statements by H&M that it would only  about defective goods could  refut. The clothing company C&A also advertises sustainable measures, none of which have en implement to a significant extent. Rather these are merely goals.

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Plans that the company has yet to achieve. With this deception, C&A violates the advertising principle of truthfulness. Another campaign promotes France Phone Number List children’s clothing as sustainable. This only applies to some of the children’s clothing. cause according to Greenpeace, C&A clothing has the highest levels of harmful chemicals. In the past, the oil company BP has set itself the goal of investing in solar energy. The company logo and company slogan chang for this. The unpubliciz result: Three percent of BP’s spending actually went to solar energy, percent to oil.

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In April there was a global catastrophe: an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico explod and sank into the sea, with devastating consequences for the KY Lists environment. BP respond absurdly with untrustworthy PR campaigns, fake photos, a ban on news on the subject, and Hush-hush payments. The American mineral oil company  in the field of fracking. extracting natural gas. The danger of the process is that harmful chemicals could contaminate groundwater. ExxonMobil launch a large-scale PR campaign in Germany, advertising a newly develop fracking fluid that should no longer contain any toxic substances. In fact, the suitability of the allegly harmless liquid had not even en test at the time of the campaign let alone approv. 

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