Something like a quick set of questions or landmarks that will help our readers add some structure to the website creation planning process Dennis Lai: All of the website elements mention above go hand in hand when developing a website design agency a few questions should clarifi. This guarantees that the website corresponds to your wishes and ideas. You also avoid unnecessary costs cause the implementation process is significantly shorten. Customers should think about these points fore commissioning a website: How should our company appear to the outside world what image do we want to convey of ourselves.

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Is our corporate design up-to-date or should it resign at the same time Which target groups do we want to reach with our homepage  do we have Bahrain Phone Number List them creat by professional itors bas on a good briefing Do we rely on authentic photos or well-research stock photos If content is later maintain by the customer himself the selection of the appropriate CMS as well as training and any later support costs should discuss in advance. Which offers and keywords should focus How much is a good findability of our website worth to us and what.

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Is the total budget for the new website How are successes check after the launch of the website does the agency have solutions and the changes in the KY Lists search results for important keywords / search terms or Google Analytics to monitor visitor flows and user signals Are security aspects sufficiently taken into account by offering regular system updates and data backups To what extent does the agency offer a solution for legally relevant aspects such as imprint and data protection Those who have already.

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