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Webinar will take place on February Here is the webinar! NOTE A maximum of participants can attend the webinar. Seats are allocat according to the first come first serve principle. se behavior the management of the community and . Radian can be coupl with a CRM system and then represents an additional source of information for this. Furthe important facts for legal address purchase For many companies address marketing is an important tool for generating new customers. But what exactly does address marketing mean what is permitt under data protection regulations and what are the pitfalls address base.

The flexible provision of customer support

Address marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses purchas addresses to reach potential new customers. Such purchase addresses are available Malta Phone Number List from providers such as Address-Base . The target group limitation is very criteria of the respective provider. In the B B area these are primarily the industry and the region but often also the size of the company or certain contact criteria. . Which contact criteria are allow In addition to the postal address contact criteria can be for example an e-mail address or a telephone number. Once personaliz they are probably no longer collect legally because personaliz data is rarely.

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Dependent on the possible limitation

Publicly available. However only publish company data may be sold. These should not refer to any individuals as would be the case for . So no KY Lists extensions or personal e-mail addresses. Definitely but publicly available general e-mail addresses of companies. However it must be not that contact criteria that may be sold are not necessarily suitable for advertising purposes. Unfortunately it is not legally advisable to contact us by e-mail or telephone for advertising purposes even with general information because we have not given our consent for advertising. You are on the safe side if you only use the postal address of a company to acquire new.

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