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Possible to offer him a higher quality product to better meet his nes The automotive industry shows us how. Additional equipment and accessories always lead to a higher sales price than initially thought. The various  Donnalds  of skilful up-selling. Instead of just a burgerthe customer usually buys a burgerfries and a drink from the menu. Growth strategies Growth through assortment expansions An excellent growth strategy is to shift the focus from products to assortments. Customers often buy products bas on the product range. Accordinglyfurther growth steps can be initiat with the help of an assortment expansion.

Menus are also a good example

For examplea car dealer can quickly trigger growth by perhaps also selling motorcycles or electric bikes and supplementing his sales with a car repair List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers shop. away from the product and towards what the customer wants to buy can provide a new perspective and thus reveal further opportunities for growth. Growth strategies Introduction of a secondary brand The introduction of a second brand can be us to better penetrate a market segment. Especially brands with a strong profile offer a lot of development potential in unaddress market segments. Here it makes sense to build up a second brand in order to perhaps.

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Changing the focus of attention

Address other customer segments. A two-brand strategy thus offers further communication optionsbr oader market coverage and thus clear growth KY Lists impulses. Mia Markt and Saturnforvery well with two brands from one group. With the Habitat brandIkea also manages to address a different clientele in urban markets and thus cover the market more broadly. With a second brandit is important to have a professional brand concept to prevent the two brands from cannibalizing each other and the promise of growth from not being implement. Growth Strategies  Market Penetration through Franchising With the help of a franchise strategymarkets can be better penetrat and work on more intensively. The basic structure of franchising is to growfor example in certain regionswith the help of independent business.

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