Point of view the following three dimensions can  distinguish in the key figure system video graphics text). A simple example can    its own websiteReach KPIClicks in Google search results per time unit The Google Webmaster Tools tool shows for example that . clicks on search results (impressions) took place in days. Depending on the communication tool these can  different key figuresNumr of video views on the landing page Numr of views longer than seconds of a video Visits to a website that remain more than two minutes.

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Of calls generat from the landing page Retrieval of e-books white papers etc. Interaction metrics are often the focus of attention in lead management . As El Salvador Phone Number List soon as a visitor leaves their email address or contact details the interaction leads to a Result that can  us offline.  mia and content elements. But this key figure category is also very important in stationary marketing. For example the test drive in a car dealership is the most important interaction point during the customer journey and should therefore  mapp as a KPI . Performance marketing with transaction Transaction.

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Relat key figures help to identify and measure the final effect of marketing measures. The Holy Grail so to speak. This includes sales that were trigger KY Lists by marketing measures or bookings orders and inquiries that were generat. Some examplesNumr of bookings orders orders trigger Revenue generat Numr of inquiries in relation to the marketing campaign budget When selecting the key figures for an individual instrument as is usual in performance marketing care should  taken to ensure that there are absolute and relative key figures. For example the numr of inquiries about an advertising campaign that l to an order is an absolute key figure This.

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