Establishment of marketing goals

Is no objective representation of the situation. Even if friends and acquaintances say that they would buy something this does not mean that other customers would do the same. Every business founder should try to describe their intend target group as precisely as possible. In doing so one accesses information that is either provid by others e.g. IHK associations trade journals etc. be made available or you can carry out a survey yourself. In addition to researching.

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Customers a proper analysis of the competition should also be carri out. It is essential to clarify which companies offer the same or a similar service. that Germany Phone Number List his service is something special he must assume that there are already companies his customers therefore have alternatives when buying. A new provider can only assert itself on the market if the new service offers a significant benefit. It is known for example that % of all new product launches in the food trade flop. Only those achievements that are truly novel can survive.   The goals that were formulat in the first phase must now be translat into figures so that the marketing strategies can be align towards.

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A goal Essentially a business founder has to think about the desir turnover market shares customers or the number of orders that he would like to KY Lists acquire. Typical examples of a company’s marketing goals can be: Increase in sales by % in Germany in the next year. Product A sales doubl in three years. Increase in trade margin from % to % by ; Selling units in the first year. new customers in the next four weeks. Armin WorkshopIn the workshops with the German Institute for Marketing we work out our marketing roadmap very efficiently thanks to the professional and very structur support. With the help of state-of-the-art tools and the questions.

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