Regard to future marketing campaigns The. Appeal of performance marketing lies in the objective measurability and interaction with the user.- Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker MD of the German Institute for Marketing .  is particularly interesting. And for whom less. Performance marketing with its various types and instruments is particularly interesting when the output and effect of a campaign are to  determin with measurable indicators. And when goals such as increasing sales or acquiring new customers.

For whom performance marketing

Are the focus This online marketing strategy is hard to imagine in areas such as e-commerce and online trading. To put it simply performance marketing takes on the role of the intelligent and likeable sales advisor in brick-and-mortar which Finland Phone Number List consumers are dealt with determines the success or failure of the performance marketing campaign. Many studies show that Internet users feel annoy by overly obtrusive and unimaginative measures. Intelligent communication on different channels on the other hand is seen as helpful and useful by the majority of users. Of course performance marketing cannot  the sole panacea.

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In the online area too the way

For all tasks and goals in online marketing. This comes clear when for example brand awareness is to  increas. In this case difficulties already arise KY Lists when defining the necessary key figures with which the success of such campaigns is determin. But marketing mix performance marketing also offers potential for such communication goals which makes this strategy interesting for many entrepreneurs and advertisers Performance Marketing Continuing ucation The German Institute for Marketing offers you various further training formats for the (further) development of performance marketing managers . Online certificate course Performance Marketing Manager The Performance.

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