Publish internally – a transparent approach strengthens the motivation and trust of the employees. possible questions from shows the appreciation towards the workforce. possible implementation measures are tackl promptly – this shows the will to tackle change and optimization processes. Structuring the employee survey in this or a similar way ensures that the process is transparent and comprehensible at all times. A survey that is poorly preparnon-transparent and above all without visible consequences is counterproductive. . Set goals before the employee survey Goals are set before the employee survey begins.

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Hoals or communication goals. Questions that go nowhere waste employees’ time unnecessarily. These tips will help with the employee survey neutral Mexico Phone Number List questions Clearly formulat and easy to understand questions  Questions that don’t generalize  and want to know why an employee survey is being conduct. If this is not clearfears spread again. Some believe it is a move toward downsizing or cuts in wages. An employee survey should never be at the expense of the employeesbut rather improve the community. Clear and transparent communication about the goals of the project takes away.

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The fears of the employees It also encourages them to take part in the process. The classic wh-questions are us here Why is it being question When does KY Lists the employee survey take place Who is interview How is question . Act on the employee survey All topics of the employee survey are then process differently in order to improve the structure. Measures such as expert groupslarge group eventsteam workshops or discussion rounds are suitable for this. Employees should be more deeply involv and allow to participate in the restructuring. This means that everyone involv feels heard; this ultimately increases the success of the entire company. . Further training of personnel managers in the field of employee surveys Since an employee survey belongs in the area of ​​human resourcesit.

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