The crisis The approach I treat myself to something in the crisis doesn’t seem to right! The DIY garden and food categories seem to trending across Europe. Consumers are more at home and doing things they usually don’t have much time for.  worldwide. There has en a significant increase in food and micine in particular while there have en declines in the animal fe ready-to-eat vegetables and meat categories. The purchasing factors quality availability of goods in preferr shopping locations and offers are currently the top criteria. Online Marketing Manager The current situation shows that the Corona crisis has very.

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Different effects on the online marketing world . Finally market research firm Kantar has an interesting numr on the effects of going dark on TV advertising El Salvador Phone Number List weeks of no TV advertising is said to cause almost % loss of awareness !  anyone can expect the situatioLeadership in times of crisis – remote leadership  implement effectively in times of Corona and Co. In the current situation managers are challeng in two ways: On the one hand many employees are currently working from home and are no longer in personal contact with the manager as often. On the other hand the economy and thus of course the specific companies are in a crisis situation. This is not only of a general economic nature.

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Also occupies people very personally. This is exactly where a manager is requir! Leadership in times of crisis must manag. Leadership in times of crisis KY Lists In such a special situation it comes clear very quickly whether a manager is a real manager and implements the management of employees adequately in times of crisis or whether the person was only aiming for a position with more salary and cannot do justice to the role. Leading from a distance is known by the term remote leadership and is a particular challenge especially in times of crisis. Together with YouMagnus AG especially Ms. Judith Claushues we have put together some content for you that reflects the situation and the leadership role in this special time.

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