Optimize it The model us for this consists of three intersecting circles. On the one hand they symbolize the customer  the competition and one ‘s own offer . The characteristics of all market participants are record and interfaces are identifi.  clear what unique selling points your company can offer the customer over the competition. Procure and application It is important to already have a certain understanding of the target group and information about the interests and nes of the customer. Here for example the creation of.

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A persona is also possible This information is then enter into the circle model. In addition there are the properties and the most important aspects UAE Phone Number List of your own product or offer as well as the product properties of the competition in the market.  of both sides with the nes of the customers form the intersections of the circles. The sweet spotyou’re looking forthen represents the intersection tween one’s own offer and the customer’s interests and contains all product properties that the competition does not offer the customer. However if product characteristics are identifi that are offer exclusively by the competition and are consider.

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Overlaps of offer characteristics

Important by the customer this is referr to as the sour spo. Sweet Spot Method Sweet Spot Method What are the advantages of the sweet spot KY Lists method self reflection Way of thinking and working with customer focus  of the own product portfolio Identification and further development of unique selling points Identification of potential or superfluous aspects of the offer Implementation through the right conclusions It is also important to draw the right conclusions from the analysis and to initiate possible steps in brand positioning or communication. For example it can  important to question whether there are aspects of the.

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