Characteristics choice of brand and shopping location. Product choice Competitionnumr of competitors Competitive strength. Importance of the individual providers in. The market (market share) positioning of competitors target groups of the competition degree of differentiation Strengths and weaknesses of competitors Potential new competitors Deliverynumr distribution service portfolio competencies Product and program orientation offering strengthto the competition Customer interfacesCustomer churn rate Well segment customer base  Effective and efficient sales channels and their reach economies of scope through distribution channels Alignment of sales channels with customer segments Strong customer relationships Strength of the company’s brand Positioning.

Prices balance of power relationship

The company align with customer requirements customer satisfaction Competitive advantage through positioning Strong synergies in the product Slovenia Phone Number List portfolio Cost / Revenue EstimatesAchieving high margins Prictable sales and frequent repeat are made only after the company’s sales are secure Cost structure matching the business model Cost-Effective Business Operations Positive economies of scale Enterprise infrastructureMain resources too difficult to copy Prictable resource requirements and timely procurement of resources Efficient and difficult to imitate execution of core services High quality of processes Balance tween in-house and outsourc processes Coordination with partners (if requir) Harmonious business.

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Purchases Broad sales Expenses

Relations with the main partners . Checklist for analyzing the opportunities and risks of a company. When analyzing the opportunities and risks the KY Lists following. Points should consider and examin Economic factors Overall. Economic developmentgross national product disposable income Monetary value developmentconsumer prices wholesale prices commodity and producer prices foreign trade development Economic Developments seasonal fluctuations Socio-cultural factorsValues ​​& value change consumption habits Influence of ethics and religion Leisure time haviorimportance of entertainment sport and recreation Work mentality mobility propensity to save lifestyle habit social structures Country-specific cultural characteristics Ecological factorsclimate infrastructure Availability of ecological resourcessoil water air light Availability of energyoil gas electricity coal other energy sources environmental pollution waste.

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