Early information to the employees

Is oblig to inform the works council in good time about the employee surveyto inform. This says the duty to provide information according to § paragraph BetrVG. ; In the best case scenariothe works council is involv in the procure right from the start. If the survey is carri out against the will of the works councilthis could damage the working atmosphere and cast the survey in a negative light. If important people are already involv in the planningthis appears more trustworthy to the remaining employees. . Prerequisites for a good employee survey How do you get meaningful answers in an employee survey In order.

Pure information is not recommend

For this instrument to work and the company’s goal to be achievvarious factors must be taken into account. When preparing an employee surveyparticular Israel Phone Number List attention should be paid to the fact that the objective is clear – what information is  involv – this ensures support for the project and increases the importance of the survey. Also with regard to a later implementation of measuresthe early involvement of the superiors helps in a complication-free implementation. data protection is guarante – employees only answer openly if anonymity is guarante. For this purposepeople who have the trust of.

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What should be  Supervisors are

The workforce can be involv in order to cribly prove. The anonymity of their data. Open communication takes place in the company. Prevents speculation KY Lists and fears. The voluntariness is emphasiz – no employee should feel compell. To take part in the survey. Since participation is voluntarythe importance of participation. Should be clearly communicat so that everyone is aware of the benefits. the design of the questionnaire is carri out competently – as short as possiblebut as long as necessary. a detail evaluation takes place – the determination of criteriasuch as company divisions or groups of peopleis part of the objective. the results of the survey are.

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