Is particularly important if you handle the entire purchase process digitally via your own online shop. A personal consultation does not take place. Telephone sales With this type of direct sales  both the establishment of contact and the  sale take place exclusively over the telephone. Telephone sales have come increasingly discrit over the years. Many dubious providers with unfriendly penetration and questionable closing methods make it increasingly difficult to  successful with telephone sales. nefits Direct Selling Direct sales are often discuss critically. Nevertheless some relevant advantages are obvious Personal contact with.

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The customer for example at a sales party enables the development of an individual relationship. This not only contributes to immiate feback on the product Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List experience. ing able to test products goods and services on site also creates trust and lends cribility. The representatives receive praise and criticism in direct contact with the customer clarify questions and thus strengthen customer loyalty . Ultimately this can also increase the willingness to buy locally. From a business point of view direct selling saves on the trading margin. In addition goods can  deliver faster cause the intermiate trade is irrelevant. This also results in a certain independence. Disadvantages Direct Selling Apart from the not entirely positive image direct selling also has.

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Some other disadvantages in B C scaling effects are difficult to achieve when selling via agents sales parties home delivery services or telephone KY Lists sales. Larger relevant volume effects stand in the way of individual (expensive contact with the customer. Even flagship companies in direct sales such as Tupperware or Vorwerk are reporting a trend towards declining figures in this area. They are also affect by increasing online trade and have to learn to rethink innovatively and digitally. In the case of the aforemention structur distribution it is not uncommon for subsequent product.

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