Percent and for the first quarter of even to . percent. So where normally only ten of euros are sav it was a good euros. Only Hardly anyone wants to store this money any longer. The interest rate policy of the ECB makes saving much too unattractive for that.  agree that this surplus will melt away in the coming months which is of course an advantage company. customer meeting stock.  dusanpetkovic The trend towards cash ruction remains In recent years there has en an enormous trend towards cashless payment methods on a practically global scale. Only Germany lagg hind But then.

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Corona came and cash came the at least fear transmission route. Although the latest figures show that Germans are still a cash payment society the virus Bulgaria Phone Number List has at least significantly weaken the trend according to the percent of purchases were paid in cash where it us to  around percent. However not only card payments were able to nefit from this mobile payments with smartphones also quickly gain in importance  more and more shops and service providers are offering these options and at the same time more and more customers want to use contactless and mobile payments In the meantime mobile payment with.

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A smartphone is possible almost everywhere where it was previously possible to pay by card. Many experts see this as a trend that is here to stay KY Lists Corona ensur that many consumers had to deal with such alternatives in practice thereby rucing barriers and building trust. There shouldn’t  a general return.  remain in place The same applies to many other digital positions. During the peak phase of the pandemic numerous digital alternatives came establish ranging from going to the cinema as a substitute to electronically order pick-up menus in restaurants. Although the current figures show that many customers are again taking notice of.

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