Different styles of designing the

Through the menu and to find what he is looking for. If he has to scroll for too long or doesn’t get along with the interface he will quickly look for another website that guarantees him a positive shopping experience. Design POS (Point of Sale): Classic POS with digital enhancement One option that is being us more and more is . Here so to speak two  POS (point of saleflow into one another. Many shops entice you with free W-LAN photo booths for spontaneous pictures or QR codes for additional product information. A very good example is a well-known running company.

Electronic aids in retail stores

Tablet PCs are us in the shops there. to an additional range from which he can also choose. As a company statistic shows customers primarily use this Georgia Phone Number List portfolio expansion when a salesperson is there to help them and operate the tablet PC for them. Branch-bas opticians are now also deliberately working with very sparsely stock displays in the store and offer the customer the opportunity to choose the glasses they want to try out on a tablet PC. The company uses target search functions such as: Brand shape of frame glasses size.

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This gives the customer access

In this way the customer can quickly get to the models that he would like to try out and may later buy. Some companies get by with extremely little sales KY Lists space due to the electronic possibilities. They use so-call touch tables or entire display walls with the help of which customers can for example put together a new bicycle according to specific requirements. The bike is not just shown but present almost like a work of art. For this purpose it is provid with background images from nature or embd in a moving video sequence. In this way the customer gets an.

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