Director or has another high-ranking position in the company. As part of Scrum one of the most well-known approaches in agile authority to make all decisions regarding product development. But even when he determines the requirements and approach of the product he takes into account the suggestions of the development team and the stakeholders. He is solely responsible for successfully implementing the development and introduction of the product . A product ownerworks primarily with the product backlog.

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This lists all work packages that have to implement by the development team. The product owner decides how the work Product Owner Relationships Nigeria Phone Number List Product owner and development team A product owner must ensure that the what their work packages look like and whether the work packages that have already en complet have achiev the desir goal. Also one of the Product Owner ‘s responsibilities is to provide assistance to the team. Product owners and stakeholders A product owner involves the stakeholders in his work by recognizing their nes and prioritizing the.

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Work packages accordingly. In addition the product owner establishes contact tween the development team and the stakeholders. This direct contact KY Lists gives the team the opportunity to tter understand the wishes of the product users. The product owner nes strong communication skills to communicate with the stakeholders and with the development team . Product owners and senior management The higher management which is not directly responsible for the product should transfer the responsibility for the success of the product to the product owner ie he should ensure the transparency of the development steps and implement the tasks of higher.

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