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Retail While e-commerce sales in most product groups are still trending upwards more and more brick-and-mortar retailers are complaining about declining sales figures. However the suspicion arises that the brick-and-mortar retailers often surrender but do not implement the advantages of buying locally in order to win new customers or retain existing customers.but they also expect more than with online shopping in particular competent advice . Study stationary trade The sales professionals from Sickel and the team from Cologne are currently conducting a study Stationary Retail in cooperation with the German Institute for.

Customers still buy on-site

Marketing in order to sh light on the status quo in stationary retail from the supplier’s point of view. The aim is to identify how brick-and-mortar retail is structur which services are offer to customers and where there may still be a ne for action in order to Latvia Phone Number List better meet customer requirements and thus exploit the sales potential. from stationary trading companies end customers at the point of sale are also survey at the same time. This is to identify whichExpectations that customers have and what experiences they have made when buying at the point of sale. Against this background the study is intend to show what measures.

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In addition to decision-makers

Bricks-and-mortar retailers ne to implement in order to convince customers and thus increase sales. Tuesday . . Customer Journey – customer journeyin KY Lists Cologne or onlineInform now W. / / Customer Journey – Development and design of the customer journeyin Cologne or onlineInform now Customer Journey – Development and design of the customer journeyin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Christian Sickel In recent years we have often found that brick-and-mortar retailers do not exploit their full potential and many measures are either not even initiat or not thought through to the end. We firmly believe that with the right solution.

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