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Services Designing the POS (point of saletherefore means nothing more than creating the most impressive possible presentation for what you want to sell. When designing the POS in the shop the operators have the opportunity to address the customer and encourage them to buy mainly via their shop windows and sales area.with the following measures or elements in the field of visual merchandising for example: ceiling pendant floor sticker Advertising signs (including digital signage Exhibitor price tags labels. Almost all.

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Companies regardless of whether the products are offer on the Internet or in a shop create their own corporate identity and corporate design.  be Estonia Phone Number List consistently taken into account when designing the POS because they are part of the recognition and unique selling points of every company. The corporate philosophy and the specially fore be reflect in the product presentation. An extremely powerful element when designing the POS is the right place for the presentation. Sales psychology postulates that the customer wants a point of sale that he can quickly survey and that is structur logically.

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There is no more deterrent store for potential customers than one in which they cannot find their way even after a long time. Product manager KY Lists course Design POS (Point of Sale): Online shop On the other hand designing a POS (point of saleon the Internet means giving the customer an uncomplicat tour of the online shop. The respective website should always be creat in such a way that it is configur for all possible end devices i.e. for: personal computer Laptop tablet pc smart phone. Each of these electronic devices requires a specially configur user interface that ensures that the customer sees the shop in the correct format on the device they are using. Especially on small devices such as smartphones it is necessary for the customer to be guid quickly and easily.

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