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Advertising space is already allocat automatically. It is foreseeable that this proportion will continue to increase in the future. It is therefore worthwhile for advertisers to deal with the principle of programmatic advertising . Programmatic advertising definition Programmatic advertising describes the automat purchase and sale of advertising space that is individually tailor to the user. For exampletext adsadve rtising  on these advertising spaces. In most casesthe advertising space is auction off to the highest bidder in real time. The price bidthe content of the advertising and the past behavior of the visitor.

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Also play a role in the allocation of advertising space. Payment is usually made according to the second price auction principle.  pay one cent more than Azerbaijan Phone Number List the second highest bid. Howeverthere are also platforms on which fix pricesnegotiat prices per visitors (CPM or mix models are us. Google Ads Seminar Master ad placement on Googlefrom campaign planning to budget optimization. Find out more about our Google Ads seminar Tuesday/ / Google Adsin Cologne or onlineInform now LegendFree places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. The approach to programmatic advertising Website operatorsso-call publishersplace.

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Their available advertising space on a sell-side platform (SSP. So that Internet users can be shown advertising that is precisely tailor to themuser KY Lists profiles are creat using the data of website visitors. These are also set on the SSP. Advertisersi.e. advertisersnow make advertising material available via a demand-side platform (DSP and  . They also enter their maximum bid. If a visitor comes to the publisher’s websitehe will be shown suitable advertising content. Which one that is is decid in a real-time auctionwith the highest bidder winning the bid. Since the auction is automatit only takes a fraction of a second and runs in the backgroundinvisible to the visitor. Programmatic advertising Pros and cons of programmatic advertising Advertisers who are thinking about using programmatic advertising should first deal with the advantages.

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