Preparation of decisions. The implementation is comparatively. Simple and facts relevant to the decision are taken into account in a transparent manner. The logic and stringency of the decision-making process are clearly recognizable and understandable. Other strengths of the approach are: Monetary and non-monetary factors are taken into account;  ; The decision-making process is comprehensible ; Flexible adaptation to special framework conditions or chang target system easily possible; Several alternative courses of action can compar simultaneously and directly with one another. Nevertheless it should consider that the nefit.

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Analysis is only to understood as a decision making aid. The user is responsible for the final decision. In addition a few weaknesses of the method must also Croatia Phone Number List taken into account: The central weakness lies in the factual subjectivity on the one  target criteria and on the other hand in the evaluation of the part nefit; Despite the fact that it is easy to carry out the time and labor intensiveness of the evaluation technique should not underestimat; Comparability of all alternative courses of action in all target criteria is not always given; Danger of the purely schematic appBillboard advertising: the anti-trend to online advertising votes Is billboard.

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Hand in the weighting of the

Advertising out of date when there are Google AdWords online banner advertising and the like Not at all! Outdoor advertising which also includes poster KY Lists advertising has not lost its importance even in the digital age.  and target group billboard advertising can sometimes even surpass the advertising impact of online ads. What is billboard advertising Billboard advertising longs to the out-of-home advertising category. Contrary to what you might expect at first glance this type of advertising has significantly more facets to offer. However the different types of poster  columns large-format posters etc. have one thing in common: in order to reach as many people .

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