Aspects to includ in the evaluation in addition to quantitative ones. In principle utility analysis does not differ from point evaluation methods point methods or scoring models which is why these terms are often us synonymously.  essential difference to the cost-nefit analysis . This is less aim at prioritizing and ordering a numr of alternative courses of action but only considers various criteria from the point of view of efficiency. The nefit analysis on the other hand evaluates the effectiveness or the outcome. Marketing and sales controlling seminar Would you like to increase the effectiveness of your marketing measures.

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Do you want your sales processes to come more efficient In the Marketing and Sales Controlling seminar you will learn the basics methods and tools of Chile Phone Number List controlling. Find out now about the exact dates and content.  with Prof. Dr. Nikola Ziehe in Cologne or online Inform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book Approach to using the nefit analysis The basic procure can divid into the following steps: Utility analysis process .  and alternative courses of action: In the first step the initial situation must sufficiently defin and all conceivable and possible alternative.

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Courses of action identifi Specification of the target system: The next step is to determine the targets that are to fulfill by the alternative courses KY Lists of action. By creating a target system the targets are systematically search for and sort. The target system must strictly hierarchical otherwise the calculability of individual target contributions to the overall nefit is not possible. In addition the lack of independence of the target criteria makes an error-free evaluation by means of the nefit analysis more difficult . In addition mandatory or KO criteria the t of which is mandatory.

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